The 3 Prime Directives of the Human Species


In the 70s, CB (citizens’ band) radio became a nationwide craze in the U.S. For a while, every dad who was handy around the house and loved to be in his car found a CB radio under the family Christmas tree. Using your CB radio, you could actually communicate with other folks on the road. Not just a craze, it was more a revolution. CBers could take on a new, fun persona—express a freer self, and communicate with other, fun freer selves on the roadways. A new camaraderie was born—loyalty and warm, friendly feelings among comrades. It was like today, on the internet. We get to “talk” to people around the world, expressing a freer self, and finding others like us. It was fun then, and it’s fun today.

For years, truck drivers had been using CB to communicate with each other on the open road. They developed a language all their own. We got introduced to their language watching Smokey and the Bandit, the Dukes of Hazzard (and Daisy Dukes, us guys, anyway—anybody remember Daisy’s CB handle (her nickname when she was on her CB radio)?), and listening to C.W. McCall’s country hit, Convoy, “Breaker 1-9, this here’s the Rubber Duck…”

Pretty soon, everybody was using the lingo, like “smoky the bear, put the hammer down, breaker 1-9, 10-4 good buddy.” The one word that always stuck with me was “rubberneckin.” That’s right, rubberneckin.

Rubberneckin, according to pioneer CBers—the over-the-road truckers—happened when there was an accident on the freeway. Everybody slowed down and craned their heads around as they passed the scene, to see what happened. They were rubberneckin.

Now, you’re wondering, “What in the hell has rubberneckin got to do with the 3 Prime Directives of the Human Species?” Well, it doesn’t have to do with ALL of them—just the first one. Patience, please.

First, what’s in it for you if you read on?

In this first article of Project Butterfly Code, my commitment is nothing short of forever changing the way you think about why you are here on this earth—FOREVER. Now, most of us think we have little real clue why we are here. Our best guesses, though, are pretty good ones: “to be happy, to enjoy life, to make some difference (even if we don’t know what that difference could be), to honor family, to help others, to get what I can out of it, to experience what life has to offer.”

Would you like to know FOR SURE why you are here? What if you found out FOR SURE why you are here? That’s an interesting “what if,” isn’t it? I bet you’re not exactly sure what it would mean to you if you DID know for sure. Well, every one of you DOES know for sure. It’s just that you are not sure, YET. Let’s check it out.

Back to Rubberneckin

How many times have you cussed out loud when you’re in a backup on the freeway and you see red lights flashing way up there? “Damn, another accident. Why can’t people just drive right? It’s not rocket science, for crying out loud! And everybody’s just gotta slow down more than they need to so they can see what’s going on. Damn!”

What escapes us is—the vast majority of the time—we’re ALL rubberneckers.

I remember when I first moved to Phoenix, 20 years ago. I was on the “60,” better known as the Superstition Freeway that led to the Superstition Mountains. There was an accident ahead. When I finally got to the scene, there was a flat bed truck on the exit ramp that’d been rear-ended by a small pick-up. The cops had pulled the little pick-up back about 10 feet by the time I passed. I looked and there was one person in the pickup—the driver. And the whole top of his body was GONE. He had been cut in half by the bed of the bigger truck. I thought, “Jeez, where the hell is the rest of him? No, I don’t want to know.” But, if I could have seen the top half of his body somewhere, I WOULD HAVE LOOKED.

Pretty gruesome story, I know. And I realize I need to shift you away from that scene and bring you back to the present before I go on. There is no happy ending to that story, but there is a point. To this day—from that experience—I NEVER drive in a freeway lane where I am directly behind a flat-bed truck, especially where the bed of that truck is about neck-high to me. That is stop, NOT my point, though.

We call this morbid curiosity, and we lament and lament, “Why do people just have to look at that stuff?!” I have never thought about it that way. I have always known that people are just curious, and it is futile to try to draw lines in the sand of curiosity where this curiosity is good, even noble, even inspired, and this other curiosity is “sick.” Now, I do cuss in a traffic jam.

People are curious creatures—that’s IT! But we DO NOT SHARE all the same curiosities!

Alright, see… patience pays off!

The first Prime Directive of the Human Species…

1.     Every human being is here to have as wide a range of experiences as they desire, within  the realm in which they find themselves.

This prime directive is hard-wired into every human being—EVERY ONE. You are here to have every experience you desire and the driving engine is curiosity. Remember, not everybody is curious about exactly the same things!!!

Right away, I will ask your question, “If that is so, WHY, pray tell me, am I not having all these experiences that I want?” The answer is because your VEHICLE, your mind, body, and heart are NOT tuned  and timed correctly to get you what you want!!! Especially, your mind/brain—first and foremost! There will be MORE ABOUT THAT FURTHER ON.

The Automobile Analogy

Here is an analogy I know well…cars and the internal combustion engine, having been a mechanic in another lifetime. Well… it was this lifetime, but a long time ago.

Back when I was a mechanic, there were certain problems that showed up all the time, no matter what make of car it was—just like us humans, no matter what make we are.

In a typical car back then and today, engines had cylinders, and each cylinder had a piston that went up and down inside each cylinder (like some people talk about riding a bicycle fast—your legs are like powerful pistons going up and down). How fat these cylinders and pistons were, and how many there were, determined how much power that engine had—rated in horsepower. (That in itself is a really interesting analogy or metaphor, because originally, cars replaced horses for transportation.) Engines came with 6 and 8 cylinders, and later with 4 cylinders. An eight cylinder engine with fat cylinders and big pistons going up and down had the most horsepower, usually. Did you ever notice the legs on an experienced mountain biker? Now those are a pair of pistons!

Side Discussion about Bicycles

Can you imagine the kind of bicycle you would have to design for someone with eight legs (like 8 cylinders)!?! But oh, the power that eight-legger would have! We can all imagine the eight-legger would have a tremendous power advantage over a two-legger.

BUT, would an eight-legger be able to go as fast as a two-legger, once they got up to speed? After all, coordinating the timing of eight big legs after you have reached top speed [where power is no longer the dominant factor—coordination is] would be a trick. The coordinated timing of those eight legs would be the critical factor in winning the race. Without precise timing of those eight legs, a two-legger would win, hands down, every time.

Back to Cars

Whenever an engine is running, at the top of each cylinder above the piston, are two valves. With precise and coordinated timing among all the cylinders—in each cylinder, one valve—the intake valve—opens up and delivers a quick spray of fuel and air into the cylinder just as the piston starts to come up.  The valve closes quickly, and the piston coming up squeezes that fuel and air into a very, very explosive mixture.

Then, when the piston does come up all the way, and JUST starts to go back down, a spark plug—positioned right between the two valves at the top of the cylinder—delivers a spark and explodes that fuel-air mixture violently, sending that piston down so fast it’s like a grenade going off in that cylinder. Now, eight of them (cylinders) are doing that, but NOT simultaneously. They do it in a precise, perfectly timed sequence, just milliseconds apart. The precise timing of that sequence is the key to the fastest acceleration possible, and the fastest top speed possible.

To maintain precise timing—getting the most power and speed that engine is capable of— the internal combustion engine needs a “brain.” That brain is called a “distributor,” or more precisely, a distributor cap. It is like a big plastic coffee mug, usually black, with no handle, turned upside down. In an eight cylinder engine, that brain—that plastic, upside down coffee mug (are you thinking of caffeine?) has eight fat wires coming out the top (like an eight-headed Medusa), each going to one of the spark plugs.

Inside that brain/distributor/coffee mug, magic happens. I won’t go into that. Suffice it to say; precisely timed bursts of electrical current come out of that brain, traveling along each fat wire to each spark plug allowing each spark plug to deliver a spark to the fuel-air mixture in its cylinder, on-time, in a perfect sequence, just milliseconds apart. And that car flies.

The Recurring Problem

Now, back to those “certain problems that showed up all the time, no matter what make of car it was.” Often, due to the stress of age, extreme temperature variations over time, and the presence of moisture inside the brain/distributor/coffee mug, cracks would develop inside the distributor cap. The result, inside the distributor cap, is electrical current following the cracks to the wrong spark plug wire. Spark plug number eight might get the current intended for spark plug four. The precise spark timing needed for maximum acceleration and top speed is destroyed. All because the “brain” is cracked! Years ago, do any of you remember what we used to say about someone we thought was a “little off?” Yep, we said they were “cracked.” Well, I’m here to report a lot of us have “cracked distributors.”

Now, here is another really interesting thing about cracked distributors in cars. A car can have a distributor with just a few small cracks, and seem to run fine when you are accelerating slowly and just cruising at a consistent speed. But if you try to accelerate hard from a dead stop, or try to accelerate to pass someone on a 2-lane highway (mechanics call that “putting a load” on the engine—for us it’s “stress”), the current inside the brain/distributor cap starts to follow those cracks, destroying the precise spark timing, causing cylinders to “misfire”—making the violent explosions happen in the cylinders at the WRONG time.

The result of misfiring cylinders is a vehicle that jerks like crazy, is distinctly unpleasant to drive, and has no prayer of accelerating smoothly or powerfully, or ever reaching the top speed it is designed to achieve. All that from a cracked brain! You need to get that car into the shop!

Today It’s All Different

Today, modern automobiles very rarely experience cracked distributor caps. In fact, they are no longer the “brain” of the whole internal combustion process. Today, all brain functions have been transferred to a computer that handles all the spark timing and much more. It’s located inside the vehicle, protected from the elements of moisture and extreme temperature variation. And because it is solid state circuitry, age is no longer the factor it once was.

Modern automobile technology has come a long ways. Our own brain technology has not. We still have brains with cracks, with all the attendant problems of misfiring with tension between the two hemispheres of our brains, jerky efforts in solving our problems, distinctly unpleasant for the goals we are NOT reaching, with no prayer, right now, of accelerating our development and reaching our top, fun speed.

It’s time to close the gap between the advances of modern technology and the pathetic (by comparison) advances of our own brain technology! There is an answer.

The Bicycle Analogy (I know, I started that already)

In Hawai’i, on the beautiful paradise island of Maui, there is a dormant volcano, Haleakala (pronounced hah-lee-AH-kah-LAH, meaning “house of the sun”). Haleakala has not erupted since the 18th century. One of the main attractions of Haleakala is organized bike rides going down the curved, winding road descending the volcano. Everyone coasts down the road, taking every curve with the wind blowing through their hair. The only thing they have to watch out for is going TOO fast and flying off the edge of the mountain, meeting their maker sooner than intended.

They get coached on how to do that, not go too fast, before they start, at the top of the mountain by experienced trip leaders whose job it is to make sure everyone has fun and goes home at the end of the ride. The leader goes out front when they start, and everyone is seriously informed of the rule on the ride—nobody passes the leader. But that’s paradise—not life as we know it now.

Can You “Handle the Load?”

Now, mountain bikers are a different breed. They go up the mountain and down the mountain over incredibly difficult terrain. I have trouble just WALKING the terrain they ride their bikes on. They like those tough spots and they like the roller coaster effect of up and down smooth hills taken at speed. They handle it all with aplomb and appreciation

Listen, it’s fun to coast down Haleakala. But Haleakala is paradise, it’s not life. The terrain of life is sometimes flat, sometimes uphill, and sometimes downhill. And many of the flats can be hot, cold, rainy or snowy, as well as pleasant rides. And the uphills vary in degree of difficulty. And the downhills vary in degree of excitement and fun.

But if your brain is cracked with current flying everywhere from the tension between your left and right hemispheres, you’re not going to have much fun riding your bike on a good bit of the terrain of life. You’re not a mountain biker… yet. You’re going to avoid a lot of terrain that could be fun and productive because your brain can’t “handle the load.” What kind of life is that? With tension between your left and right hemispheres, you will have GREAT difficulty fulfilling the FIRST PRIME DIRECTIVE of the human species the way it is intended, to have as wide a range of experiences as YOU desire, within the realm in which YOU find yourself. 

The Different Realms of the 1st Prime Directive

Now, what do I mean by “realm in which you find yourself”? Everyone discovers themselves to be in a realm. They usually have a lot of company inside that realm. And sometimes people change realms. So here are the realms you might find yourself in right now…

  1. You could have been born poor, made a vow you wouldn’t be poor when you grew up, and went on to become a CEO, or a movie star, or a successful business person, or artist, or tradesperson; or just a reasonably happy, average person who likes the life you have made for yourself. OR, you could be still trying, unsuccessfully, to fulfill that vow. That is “the rags to riches realm.”
  2. You could have grown up with this burning desire to make a difference in the world, and you could have become a doctor, a teacher, a policeperson, a priest, a professor, a politician, an activist, or an anarchist. OR, you became none of those things and are still looking for where to direct your now “cooling” desire. You may have given up. This is “the make a difference realm.”
  3. You could have grown up determined to be wealthy by being a politician, investor, inventor, salesperson, business person, or entrepreneur. Now, whether you succeed or not, you are in “the accumulation realm.”
  4. You could have developed a desire to live life risky, feeling, “I am never more alive than when I….”  You may be a mountain climber, an auto racer, a kayaker, a spy, a soldier of fortune, a career criminal, or a fearless daredevil of any sort. That is “the life on the edge realm.”
  5. You could have grown up developing a desire for a life of notoriety, and your reputation is now well-known, amongst your friends, or in your city, your country, or even the world. You also—similar to the “rags to riches realm,” but for a different reason—might be a movie star, singer, musician, local, state, country, or world leader, crime kingpin, CEO, or religious leader. Now, what you are well-known for might not be considered by others as very savory, but still, anyone in this category finds themselves in “the you will know who I am realm.”
  6. You could have found yourself loving music (or ANY of the arts, or sports), not as a musician, but as a listener with profound appreciation for the music and the artists who make it. That is “the appreciation realm.”
  7. Or, you could have grown up in a small town, got a job there, settled down, you bowl, you play cards with friends every Friday night, you live your whole life there, and it’s ok for you. That is “the live life as it comes and appreciate the (seeming) small things realm.”

Now, let’s look at this “short list” of 7 possible realms again.

  1. Rags to Riches Realm
  2. Make a Difference Realm
  3. Accumulation Realm
  4. Life on the Edge Realm
  5. You Will Know Me Realm
  6. Appreciation Realm
  7. Live Life As It Comes Realm

Which one are you in? Which one do you think makes the most difference in the world? Are you satisfied being in the realm you are? Which one might you rather be in, than the one you ARE in?

Take a guess which one makes the most positive difference in the world? Which one makes the most negative difference in the world?


What Do These Realms Mean to You, Personally?

Now, what do you think about those who live in a different realm from you? I intend for that to be a very interesting question, so, consider it.

  • If you find yourself in the Make a Difference Realm, what do you think about those people who find themselves in the Appreciation Realm—especially that area of that realm that “worships” any kind of star—be it sports, politics, music, or movie stars? Do you view them with disdain and disgust—maybe even hate them? “How can they even think or feel that way?”
    • They are trying to have as wide a range of experience as they desire, in their realm—the SAME as you, in your realm. And they are missing being completely fulfilled by their efforts, as you are.
    • Now, there is the whole matter of collective unconscious. Every human being is doing their best to fulfill the first Prime Directive, to experience as much as they can in the realm in which they find themselves. You are ALL compatriots in that endeavor. We are all experiencing in our realms, parallel processing, if you will, to make complete our collective unconscious as a species.
    • You have every reason to love them and sincerely wish them god speed as your brothers and sisters, because they are doing, in their realm, what you don’t have a taste for, in your realm. They are helping you complete the human experience doing and trying to enjoy what you don’t want to do.

I could ask the same question, in reverse…

  • If you find yourself in the Appreciation Realm, what do you think about those who find themselves in the Make a Difference Realm? Do you view them with disdain and disgust—maybe even hate them? 
    • They are trying to have as wide a range of experience as they desire, in their realm—the SAME as you, in your realm. And they are missing being completely fulfilled by their efforts, as you are.
    • You have every reason to love them and sincerely wish them god speed as your brothers and sisters, because they are doing, in their realm, what you don’t have a taste for, in your realm. They are helping you complete the human experience by doing and trying to enjoy what you don’t want to do.

I could ask the same question of every possible pair of realms, couldn’t I? I invite you to do that.

In these times, we are not observing the age-old maxim of “live and let live,” are we?

One More Thing

What race of the human species do you find yourself in? What nationality of the world do you find yourself a member of?

I could and will ask exactly the same questions as I did for the realms. You will see text above in red. Read that text slowly and carefully again, and plug in your race. Then, do the same thing again, plugging in your nationality.

Where Are We Now?

Every realm is in a mutation mode right now, an aberration of survival. We are judging each other and blaming each other for the problems in the world—and each of us is trying to survive—to escape—to dodge that judgment when it’s aimed at us, AND, the majority of us, in each realm, are in active conflict INSIDE of our own minds, judging ourselves through inner tension. Every one of us is afraid—our worst fear is others may be right about us (I may be right about me!)—I am the problem. And we will do anything to avoid the truth of that—that we are ALL the problem, in every realm.


Now is the perfect time for a little side story. A bunch of people in every realm believe in a “creator.” And a bunch of those people believe in a “coming judgment day” when each of us is going to get called to account for what we did in our lifetime.
Won’t it be a surprise when that day comes?—when the creator comes and says, “Well, how do you think y’all did?” And we, in a chorus, all say how we did the very best we could, but we had a problem. “I did my part, but so-and-so did not do theirs. If they would have done their part, we would have had a better report.”  And we go on to report all the details of how we did our part, but they didn’t do their part. And the details of the report go on and on.
Finally the creator says, “ENOUGH!” I have heard enough of your driveling defending and blaming. You are ALL the same, saying the SAME thing. ENOUGH! You are ALL going back to ground zero, TOGETHER, RIGHT NOW! This time…, GET IT RIGHT—TOGETHER! I don’t want to have to come back again and listen to your same old story. You ALL got sucked in, and fucked up. I mean, how do you expect me to make a living here?”


So, the starting point is NOT getting one realm to reconcile with another. The starting point is with EACH PERSON, ONE AT A TIME, to create their own peace of mind, then self-acceptance, then compassion for others.

Wow, I have been pretty serious for awhile, haven’t I? So let’s change the subject to a “lighter” one.

What Has Human Nature Got to Do With It?

I am pulling over to the side of the road for a few moments, to talk about how human nature fits in.

Here is a list of the traits of human nature:

  • Curiosity
  • Love
  • Language
  • Creativity
  • Survival

The following ARE NOT traits of human nature:

  • Greed
  • Power
  • Lust
  • Hate
  • Fame

Now, if I am not in for a lot of argument on this, I WILL be disappointed. However, I don’t care what kind of argument I get—and I invite it—I stand by the traits of human nature, and I stand by the NOT traits of human nature, until someone proves me wrong.

Every child is born with the 5 traits of human nature. Curiosity is a no-brainer. Anyone who watches babies can get they are curious from the start. And a kid shown love will very quickly demonstrate that trait. Brain scientists tell us that, amazingly, they have discovered language centers in the brain that are there from before birth, that seem to be “ready” to activate speech in any language. Creativity? Just look at any little kid at play when they think no one is watching, or any group of kids at play. And survival, that is another no-brainer. Try holding your head under water for about five minutes and you’ll “get” survival. Or, try not to think about sex.

But, “What,” you ask, “about the 5 NON traits of human nature?” We see them everywhere, don’t we? And we see them in every realm, right? Yes, and…

NO, these are NOT traits of human nature. These are ABERRATIONS of survival. They are a mutation of human nature. These NON traits of human nature are by-products of a “tortured mind.”

Every appearance of these so-called “traits of human nature”—greed, lust, hate, and the desire for power or fame—is the result of tension between the hemispheres of the brain.

So, What Does This Mean?

Hark back to the first Prime Directive: “…everyone is here to have as wide a range of experiences as they desire.”  The desires fired up by THESE NON traits are NOT manifestations of the desire intended in the 1st prime directive.

The appearance of these NON traits begs the need for laws, so we have created legislative bodies to make laws and a justice system to enforce them. How many times have you thought, or heard someone say, “If people would just do what they are supposed to, we wouldn’t have to make another damn law for it”?

And all this is why, pray to tell you, you are not having ALL [of] the experiences that you want and desire. Because not every one of your current desires, nor all the desires of anyone else, are covered by the 1st prime directive. And, the desires that ARE covered by the 1st prime directive, your brain is not currently configured—not tuned and timed—to fully get.

So, what has human nature got to do with it? This: There is NO FLAW in human nature! The ONLY flaw is how we have currently configured it—with tension between the hemispheres leading to a number of aberrant desires!

Like the desire to protect yourself from imagined enemies— your brothers and sisters living in other realms. Ah, but you say, “Am I being unreasonable in protecting myself and my family?” No, of course not. Do what is reasonable to protect yourself. Don’t give out your credit card number to scammers, and look both ways when you cross the street. Leave the rest to law enforcement, and then forget about it while you begin leading a more productive life.

The Veil Pulled Back From the “Secret”

How do I know this about “tortured minds”? Over the last 21 years of my professional life I have been an executive coach and life coach. I have worked—with almost 4,000 people, one-on-one— almost exclusively in corporate environments, with C-level executives, VPs, directors, managers, and regular employees.

In the privacy of our sessions they told me of their inner turmoil. I had a framework for understanding their situation and they trusted me with their “secret”—a secret, in many cases, they have never spoken about with anyone else, out of fear they would NEVER be understood. They didn’t even understand themselves. And believe me, their loved ones didn’t.

Each of these folks— successful by every outward appearance—were hiding the secret of their own pain from everyone.

Only a few change-agents, to my knowledge, have had the extraordinary opportunity I have had—to work at this level of intimacy and trust with so many in this demographic—to work with a business population of thousands of apparently successful people. Now, this group could have been movie stars, politicians, rock stars, the story would have been the same. For 2 out of 3 people in any of these “successful” groups of people, success comes with a heavy cost, and no one but they know the exact price.

Do they live with that pain their entire lives? Some do. Many, however, don’t. They go through a “mid-life” crisis in which they finally confront the question of “the meaning of life”—the meaning of THEIR life. Many come out the end of that crisis with the tension between the hemispheres of their brain resolved, for the most part.

The “Secret” is Out!

Early on in my career, once I got the hang of what was going on, I taught them how to resolve that tension themselves. It usually took about two hours. Do you know the first thing almost all of them told me, after doing this integration of hemispheres? “I finally have PEACE.” This is also how I know tension between the hemispheres is the cause of almost all suicides. Many of them told of having such thoughts at different points in their life.

Even if you are not in this population of people, hemispheric tension is still the cause of you not being able to solve pressing problems and achieving desired goals.

For the folks that I worked with, and those who successfully navigate a mid-life crisis, do they live happily ever after? Not exactly. Here is what does happen. They stop causing extra problems in the world for others who do not have this particular aberration of survival. They join the rest of the human race in the normal struggles we all face. Who could ask for more? Their biggest fear is they were alone. Now they know they are not.

The irony is, up to now, this population of us—most in need of an answer—has been the most resistant to finding one. The reason is their particular issue—the silent pain of tension and outright conflict between the hemispheres of the brain—has never been really identified (as existing in normal people), much less has there been any clear way of doing something about it. I am committed that time is over.

Enough, already!

This problem is OUT, I declare it. We have identified almost every disease known to man and have developed some method, successful or not, to deal with each—but not with THIS problem. It’s time to work on this one, because this one IS A SURVIVAL ISSUE. There is an answer.

And, have no doubt, even if you are not in this population of people—the 1 of 3 in the general population, or the 2 of 3 in the high achieving population— hemispheric tension is still the cause of you not being able to solve pressing problems and achieving desired goals.

Wrapping Up

I have given you a great deal to work with here. Monday night or very early Tuesday morning I will send you the third step of the Butterfly Code. You will see how it fits. Honestly, I will tell you, I only just NOW saw how it fits, myself.

But I would not be complete if I did not give you the other two Prime Directives. I have full faith in you. You do not need a full 10-page discussion of these two Directives to get their import. I can confidently leave it to your dreams. You are my partners.

The second and third Prime Directives of the Human Species…

2.     The pursuit of peace of mind, self-acceptance, compassion, enjoyment, and happiness.

3.     To be inspired, appreciate, and learn to create responsibly.



The only call to action here is “think and reflect.”

There you have it—the 3 Prime Directives of the Human Species—in a nutshell. Crack them apples!

Listen, I know, I know. I mix metaphors. What can I say? I can’t contain myself. Hell, I laugh when I read them back to myself. What’s not to love?

If I haven’t provoked your thinking on exactly why you are here, I ain’t got no more. But this I know…YOU are one small committed decision away from finding out exactly why YOU are here.

People tell me, “You need to write a book about this stuff”—not about what I have written here, but about the “stuff” I have used with them down through the years. I am, but you are not all going to be able to read it. The first book is going to be about how to lose weight—and keep it off—using the Butterfly Code. We wonderful fatties of the world deserve the first crack at the Code!

The New Butterfly Code™ is a revolutionary new formulation of age-old ideas for accelerated personal growth. It is a personal system for efficiently solving any problem, reaching any unrealized goal. Its success comes from six keys that align both hemispheres of the brain into a perfect team—the way they were designed to work.
For more details on exactly how the Butterfly Code works, go to

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Next week, The Real Cause of Hate and Divisiveness in this World, the Real Barrier to Dealing with It, and What YOU Can Do About It! Yes, some more light reading.

Just in case you’re thinking all “doom and gloom,”—no way— here is another upcoming article… “Why WE are the Riskiest and GREATEST experiment EVER!

All the best
—Mike Blackstone
Tell the folks back home this is the promised land callin’
and the poor boy is on the line —Chuck Berry 
Marvin Lee Michael Aday, you are mine! I will find you.
You cannot hide. You have made a difference in my life.

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